We are passionate about ice cream

We’re obsessed with ice cream. We live, eat and breath ice cream. We nitpicky mouth feel, over run, butterfat percentage, flavor & color profiles, smoothness, and other nerdy ice cream elements. We sweat the details so we can create the best quality ice cream and non dairy frozen desserts on the shelves. And we are proud to share the products of our obsession. Located in Orange County, we work with over 200 incredible team members. With numerous production lines, we are able to produce intricate novelties under Brothers Ice Cream, bulk ice cream for food service under Brothers Manufacturing, organic fruit bars and vegan frozen desserts under Natural Choice, incredible sorbets under Absolute Fruit and other creative products in scale and on time for all of our brands no matter the demand.

Our History

Brothers Desserts was created in 1973 by two brothers, Gary and Errol, in Southern California. The Brooklyn born duo came to SoCal with the dream of bringing refreshing Italian Ices to the sunny West Coast via several brick and mortar Brothers Italian Ices Cafés. While the cafés were successful, Gary and Errol saw a larger demand for providing bulk Italian Ices and ice creams to other shops and restaurants. Thus they pivoted their business model to manufacturing. Initially we wholesaled to restaurants, hotels, caterers, etc. As the years went by we grew our product suite to over 500 products. We became known within small ice cream circles as one of the go-to manufacturers for high quality innovative products.

As our business grew, we expanded to baseball stadiums, super markets, airlines, big box stores etc. This success opened doors to co-packing — where other businesses use our manufacturing factory and team to produce their own products under their own name (without a trace of Brothers branding). This line of business has proven to be very successful as we now co-pack some of the most successful ice cream products in the country, however due to NDAs we are not allowed to disclose which.

Recently we wanted to bring our collective 45 years of ice cream knowledge directly to consumers. We launched Natural Choice — an organic dairy free line of ice cream (we call it frozen dessert as it is technically not ice cream), Absolute Fruit (a line of incredibly fresh sorbets), and Brothers Ice Cream (ice cream and frozen novelties rooted in our collective nostalgic past).

We’re proud of our past and are excited about our future. We are elated that you are here. We stand behind all our products and know after one bite you will understand our passion and see how it translates to the spoon.

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