Brothers Organic Strawberry and Pink Lemonade Fruit Bars

Our organic Fruit Bars are a delicious treat for the whole family. We searched far and wide for the best quality strawberries and lemons and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Every bite is filled with delicious fruit and will instantly transport your taste buds to a fruity paradise … that is, unless you are eating it at a fruity paradise. Which, if that’s the case, thank your lucky stars they’re only 50 calories (50 calories?!) and enjoy!

Ice Cream Cakes and Pies

We pride ourselves on having ice cream cakes and pies that are delicious, innovative and economical. Whether it is a full pie or an individual serving, everyone who tries our products agree, one bite is never enough!

Items: Banana Split Pie (10” 14 cut), Mile High Espresso Pie (10” 14 cut), Mile High Mudd Pie (10” 14 cut), Mississippi Mudd Pie (9” 14 cut, Double Pack), Ultimate Sundae Pie (9” 12 cut, Double Pack), Spumoni Pie (9” 12 cut, Double Pack), Kahlua Mudd Pie (10” Uncut)


Novelties are meant to catch the eye and also make your life easier. We work hard thinking through every step so you don’t have to.

Items: Uncoated Vanilla Ice Cream Bar 6oz (24 pack), Uncoated Vanilla Ice Cream Bar 4oz (24 pack), Uncoated Chocolate Ice Cream Bar 4oz (24 pack), Deep Fried Vanilla Ice Cream (36 count), Pre-Scooped Vanilla Ice Cream (24 count), and Spumoni Wedges (36 pack).

Premium Gelato Trays

Our humble beginnings are rooted in Italian ice cream. We ate our way through the infamous gelaterias in Italy (as research of course!) and are extremely proud of our gelato. We are confident it can hold it’s own against the best gelato in the world.

Flavors: Black Cherry, Caramel Pecan, Cookies ’n Cream, Cookie Sensation, Caramel Chocolate Pretzel, Dark Chocolate, Espresso, Mint Chocolate Chip, Pistachio, Rocky Road, Spumoni, Strawberry, Vanilla Bean, White Chocolate Chunk (5 liter tray)