Baked Alaska with Brothers Spumoni Ice Cream

By @bellab_sexyfood

When you put together lots of love ❤️ and blend it with tasteful flavors, and fruits and crunchy nuts then you get a masterpiece “Spumoni” 💚🤍❤️from @brothersicecream

Feast your eyes on my luscious creation of a #BakedAlaska using their decadent SPUMONI that totally made it next level SEXY👄SWIPE LEFT to get a full view 😍

@brothersicecream churns #chocolate, pistachio, #strawberry 🍓 and rum flavored ice creams and add chopped up pistachios, crimson cherries, and chocolate chunks to create one #Sexy flavorful #Italian
#Icecream that’s all #natural 💚🤍❤️

Ciao 💋


#sexyfood #brothersicecream