Brothers Ice Cream treats are perfect for a hot summer day

by Sarah Perchikoff

It’s not a very radical statement to say ice cream is delicious. It’s ice cream. Of course, it’s delicious. It’s sugar and cream and comes in a variety of flavors. What’s not to like? So when I got the chance to sample a bunch of Brothers Ice Cream products, I figured it would be just as good as what I’ve had before. But I was wrong. It was better.

Brothers Ice Cream, on top of making the ice cream their known for, also makes Absolute Fruit sorbet and Schoep’s ice cream. They sent me a bunch of items from each of the brands. I received the Schoep’s vanilla bean and the chocolate chocolate chip ice cream, the Absolute Fruit mango and coconut sorbet flavors, the Brothers Vanilla Ice Cream BonBons, and the Brothers Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Brothers Ice Cream gives us a variety of delicious treats

When the box arrived, I was like a kid on Christmas morning.

I started with the chocolate chocolate chip because…it’s chocolate. It was as good as you would imagine. It reminded me of one of my favorite ice cream flavors of all time, chocolate ice cream with chocolate-covered almonds in it. You get the same crunch in each bite.

I tried the vanilla bean next and while I usually don’t like vanilla because it’s so plain, this actually had good flavor. It probably didn’t hurt that I mixed it with the chocolate.

On to the sorbets! These two were packed with flavor. Living in the Midwest, I don’t exactly get mango or coconut anything on the regular and these were truly amazing. They would also be really good in a smoothie!

The ice cream bonbons and the ice cream sandwiches are absolutely outstanding. You want these! The bonbons are like chocolate truffles but instead of chocolate inside, it’s ice cream. I would take these over a box of chocolates any day of the week.

The same goes for the chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. I do not like ice cream sandwiches. The cookies are usually smushy and gummy from being in the freezer. That was not the case here. The cookies were actually crispy. I cannot describe how shocked I was by this. The ice cream in between the cookies is vanilla and swirled with chocolate fudge. It’s like a sundae you can hold in your hand.

If your local grocery store has Brothers Ice Cream and you haven’t tried it, you need to get some ASAP.

Brothers Ice Cream gives us a variety of delicious treats