Guilty Eats: “Brothers ice cream review: Heaven-sent frozen treats to scoop up this season”

Brothers Ice Cream sent some California vibes to us in the form of some of their most delicious frozen treats, and we’ve been in ice cream heaven since!

I received a box of frozen goodies from Brothers Ice Cream earlier this month and have been trying to savor it all. From ice cream sandwiches to classic vanilla and strawberry scoops, I didn’t even know where to begin! What’s Brothers Ice Cream and where can you get some? We’ve got all the details below!

What is Brothers Ice Cream? It’s a SoCal-based company who creates their products with real California milk, modern flavors, “and are fortified with pure nostalgia.”

Brothers has been manufacturing their treats for professional baseball stadiums, schools, and more for over 45 year. And now, they are also focusing on their own Brothers Ice Cream product lineup of 1970s nostalgic treats.

Ready for the scoop? Here are our thoughts on each of the above treats:

Brothers Ice Cream treats photo via Sandy C.
Brothers Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches in Vanilla Fudge Swirl and Mint Chocolate Chip: This isn’t to say all of the above aren’t delicious, but selecting our favorite is easy! The crown goes to Brothers Ice Cream Sandwiches in Vanilla Fudge Swirl! You can see them in the picture to your right. These have everything chocolate ice cream sandwich dreams are made of!

Hugging vanilla ice cream with a chocolate swirl are two baked brownie cookies! There’s a crunch in every bite thanks to brownie crisps! These are only 140 calories each, 4 come in each box. If you’re thinking “how great can an ice cream sandwich be?,” you NEED to try these!

These also come in Mint Chocolate Chip for those who love minty frozen treats! The mint flavored ones are tasty, but I prefer sticking to classic favors, and vanilla with fudge swirl really hits the spot. Is there anything more comforting than an amazing brownie?

Brothers Salted Caramel Ice Cream BonBons: Bite-size fun has never tasted this good! Brothers BonBons are bite-size chocolate treats covering salted caramel ice cream. They’re only 55 calories each, so have two or three, we won’t judge. I love their size (and calorie count) for kids. Parents can give these to the kiddos as after-lunch or dinner treats without feeling guilty about how many calories they contain. My kids love them, but I won’t be letting them have all the fun — I’ll be keeping some for myself!

Brothers Classic Spumoni: Finally, the nostalgia-packed tub of ice cream! Brothers describes this best, “we churn chocolate, pistachio, strawberry, and rum flavored ice creams and add chopped up pistachios, crimson cherries, and chocolate chunks.”

Available at select Safeway, Albertsons, and Vons Stores throughout the US. Always available online. (hyperlink store: