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Millennial Magazine: “Satisfy Your Summer Sweet Tooth With Brothers Ice Cream”

by Joshua Winkler

Imagine that classic summer afternoon. Surfing the white wash in and out with ease and basking in the golden sun with your beach bum babes. Then it hits the 3pm mark. The once soul-warming sun now feels like the Sahara as sweat trickles down your skin. Suddenly, that hot lifeguard you’ve been eyeing isn’t the only sweet treat you’re craving. What could be better in that moment than a cool, mouth-watering ice cream treat to bring you back to beach-bound bliss. This summer, Brothers Ice Cream has got your back.
Back in Time with Brothers Ice Cream
Emerging out of the carefree vibes of SoCal surf culture, Brothers opened up shop in the early 70’s. It was a time of The Beach Boys blaring out car speakers and summer days skating amongst the traffic-ridden streets. With the value of pure nostalgia, they were inspired to embody this feeling in the classic American spirit of their ice cream. Brothers is all about simple flavors, classic combos and only the best natural ingredients. With an assortment of bonbons, organic fruit bars and ice cream sandwiches, they offer a sweet treat that will bring everyone back to their priceless, childhood memories.

Just like us, Gary and Errol can seriously nerd out about their ice cream. They carefully curate their product in texture, flavor and color profiles. By sweating the details for us, these sweet treats are a sweaty summer savior. Appropriately, the demand for sweet treats has grown into a company that now provides us with some of the most successful ice cream products in the country.
The Insider Scoop
First, you can’t go wrong with a good ole’ classic. Brothers Ice Cream Sandwiches are a nostalgic must-have treat helping you to cool down from all of summer’s triple digit days. Looking for something more decadent? Take your Netflix and Chill night to the next level with indulging in their mouthwatering Salted Caramel Ice Cream BonBons. Lastly, they offer a perfect addition for your afternoon at the beach. The beautiful orange, organic Mango Fruit bars will have your summertime fine smile glowing just as bright as your SoCal, sun-kissed skin.


Now available at select Safeway, Vons, Albertson’s and Smart & Final Stores. Always available online. (hyperlink store: Brothersdesserts.com/order-online/